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  • Ruth Maran Office XP in an Instant (Visual Read Less, Learn More)
    Binding : Taschenbuch, Label : John Wiley & Sons, Publisher : John Wiley & Sons, medium : Taschenbuch, numberOfPages : 350, publicationDate : 2001-12-03, authors : Ruth Maran
    2,05 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Where we work : home offices
    - A timely book of inspiring design ideas for creating the perfect in-home office, from kitchen to bedroom and classic office to attic - Lifestyle journalist An Bogaerts explores the most up-to-date home office trends with more than 200 pictures of innovative home offices Where We Work highlights the many options that come into play when designing a home office. It brings together a wealth of inspiring visuals and design ideas from home offices around the world, along with practical guidance and the latest trends. The author introduces a variety of designs and styles - from London to Tokyo, from country-style to industrial - that might inspire us to turn our home offices into more than just a place to work.
    40,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Visual arts of the liquid packaging
    More than 250 remarkable masterpieces all over the world have been carefully selected to represent the trend of modern liquid packaging design. Each work has its specialty in choosing the font, material and pattern, etc.The book has been categorised into six sections, including beverages, food, dairy products, wine products, care products and cosmetics.
    24,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Curated - nouveau design des espaces de vente
    Curated - A new experience in retail design is based on the assertion that less is more. More than 50 retaiters present a visual merchandising that combines art, design and creativity in the shop interiors in order to attract shoppers to corne in, look and buy. From floor planning to display, props, lighting and colours, a perfect synthesis of simplicity and purity is achieved in the space to make it timeless form. Beyond simply creating a commercial space, the element of minimalism implanted in the retail interior curates an artistic atmosphere for the products and a harmonious environment for the shoppers.
    44,00 €

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Design research Office All-Inclusive Self-Assessment - More than 700 Success Criteria, Instant Visual Insights, Comprehensive Spreadsheet Dashboard, Auto-Prioritized for Quick Results

Design research Office Self-Assessment ensures you don’t miss anything: More than 700 critical Design research Office success criteria in 7 RDMAICS (Recognize, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Sustain) steps with easy and quick navigating and answering for one or multiple participants
Shows you instant insight in areas for improvement: Auto generates reports, radar chart for maturity assessment, insights per process and participant and bespoke, ready to use, RACI Matrix
Gives you a professional Dashboard to guide and perform a thorough Design research Office Self-Assessment. Versatile; no requirement to apply all the criteria to get results
Dynamically auto-prioritized projects-ready RACI Matrix shows you exactly what to do next
Downloadable; start today. Also a hardcopy CD-ROM is sent to you, ensuring private, offline secure data protection of your sensitive Self-Assessment results. Download link sent within 24 hrs

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  • Fournisseur Cultura Branding and spaces design
    This book presents different spaces, offices, bookshops, cafes, hairdressers, jewelery shops, fashion retail stores, tea shops, and more. In all of them, we can see that their branding and interior design generate a global image with their own personality, which attracts and fosters loyalty in the customer who looks for new, special experiences. This book shows us the spirit and soul of these small businesses which surprise us with innovative and creative experiences through their visual image.
    29,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Brand image design for catering services
    This book has chosen more than 130 remarkable brand image design programmes of catering services all over the world. From the perspective of the industry's character, the book has combined it with the culture and requirements' differences among various countries and areas as well as social groups, showing readers the most forward-looking and practical brand image designs of catering services. According to the types of catering services, the book has been categorised into five sections, including restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food restaurants and fruit parlours, involving the design of logo, business cards, envelopes, menus, related articles, souvenirs, packing cases, web pages, and indoor and outdoor environments, etc.Here, each programme is special and inspiring. We believe it will provide readers with distinctive and exciting visual experience, and invite you to ponder the future of the industry's brand image design.
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  • Fournisseur Cultura Wheel of time - calendar design
    The book centres on the subject of calendar design, choosing more than 160 distinguished works all over the world. With detailed and comprehensive classification, this creative and practical book will present the most innovative design works to the readers. Its innovativeness lies in the font selection, layout design, the application of different materials, various patterns' selection, etc.In the process of editing, a number of strict requirements have been made, so here, each work has innovative design, clever idea, professional photography, comprehensive project information and so on. The book has been categorised into five sections, including weekly calendar design, monthly calendar design, desk calendar design, single-page calendar design and wall calendar design.
    26,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Where architects stay - lodgings for design enthusiasts
    It bodes well when architecture meets vacation. It is a combination that promises relaxation and pleasure, inspiration and style, all in one.Every one of the more than 60 vacation domiciles presented in this guide to architecture and accommodation is a unique jewel that meets, perhaps even exceeds, the high esthetic expectations of the traveling architect. A brief encounter with any one of these will make the heart of every design enthusiast beat a little faster.Each of these very special lodgings is distinguished by the highest stylistic quality, personal touches, originality and passion for detail: whether minimalist, experimental, posh or lavish; whether newly built or refurbished; whether houseboat, luxury loft or treehouse; whether one-time church, vineyard, mill or pump room; whether located in the trendiest metropolis, high in the mountains or on a remote coastline; whether holiday home, resort, glamping or bed and breakfast...
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