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  • Ruth Maran Office XP in an Instant (Visual Read Less, Learn More)
    Binding : Taschenbuch, Label : John Wiley & Sons, Publisher : John Wiley & Sons, medium : Taschenbuch, numberOfPages : 350, publicationDate : 2001-12-03, authors : Ruth Maran
    2,05 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Visual arts of the liquid packaging
    More than 250 remarkable masterpieces all over the world have been carefully selected to represent the trend of modern liquid packaging design. Each work has its specialty in choosing the font, material and pattern, etc.The book has been categorised into six sections, including beverages, food, dairy products, wine products, care products and cosmetics.
    24,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Surfing
    This platinum tome is the most comprehensive visual history of surfing to-date, marking a major cultural event as much as a publication. Following three and a half years of meticulous research, it brings together more than 900 images to chart the evolution of surfing as a sport, a lifestyle, and a philosophy.The book is arranged into five chronological chapters, tracing surfing culture from the first recorded European contact in 1778 by Captain James Cook to the global and multi-platform phenomenon of today. Utilizing institutions, collections, and photographic archives from around the world, and with accompanying essays by the world's top surf journalists, it celebrates the sport on and off the water, as a community of 20 million practitionersand countless more devotees, and as a leading influence on fashion, film, art, and music.An unrivaled tribute to the breadth, complexity, and richness of surfing, this book is a must-have for any serious player on the surfing scene and anybody who aspires to the surfing lifestyle. As one surfing scribe has declared «There has never been a book like this, and there will never be another one again.»
    150,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Dada
    -A comprehensive assessment of Dada as revolutionary cultural movement and mass-media intervention -Edited by Rudolf Kuenzli, with unparalleled access to the International Dada Archive, of which he is Director, and its collection of 47,000 documents -Incorporates all aspects of Dada activity - visual arts, documented performance and writing - in works by artists such as Max Ernst, Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp -Covers not only Western Europe and America but also Central and Eastern Europe and Japan, plus Neo-Dada worldwide -Now in paperback, Dada is an essential tool for students and anyone interested in art of the twentieth century
    40,00 €

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DBA Office All-Inclusive Self-Assessment - More than 700 Success Criteria, Instant Visual Insights, Comprehensive Spreadsheet Dashboard, Auto-Prioritized for Quick Results

DBA Office Self-Assessment ensures you don’t miss anything: More than 700 critical DBA Office success criteria in 7 RDMAICS (Recognize, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Sustain) steps with easy and quick navigating and answering for one or multiple participants
Shows you instant insight in areas for improvement: Auto generates reports, radar chart for maturity assessment, insights per process and participant and bespoke, ready to use, RACI Matrix
Gives you a professional Dashboard to guide and perform a thorough DBA Office Self-Assessment. Versatile; no requirement to apply all the criteria to get results
Dynamically auto-prioritized projects-ready RACI Matrix shows you exactly what to do next
Downloadable; start today. Also a hardcopy CD-ROM is sent to you, ensuring private, offline secure data protection of your sensitive Self-Assessment results. Download link sent within 24 hrs

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  • Fournisseur Cultura Patterns of india
    It's the trip of a lifetime--a textile-based tour of colorful Rajasthan, India featuring more than 200 lush photographs depicting everyday life in one of the most vibrant regions in the world. Patterns of India is a visual experience that offers intimate insights into the diverse and richly hued Western Indian culture. Color is the thread that binds the vast country together, defining every aspect of life from religion and politics to food and dress. Organized by the five dominant colors royal blue, sandstone, marigold, ivory, and rose, this book explores how deeply color and pattern exist in a symbiotic relationship and are woven into every part of the culture. For instance, the fuchsia found in the draping fabric of a sari is matched by the vibrant chains of roses offered at temple, and the burnt orange spices in the marketplaces are reflected in the henna tattoos given to brides and wedding guests. While every color is imbued with meaning, it is often within the details of patterns that the full story comes to light. Photographer and writer Christine Chitnis spent over a decade traveling through, getting to know, and falling in love with the intricate patterns of everyday Rajasthani life. With history and culture-based essays woven throughout the more than 200 stunning photographs of architecture, markets, cuisine, art, textiles, and everyday goings-on, Patterns of India captures the beauty and essence of this unique part of the world.
    33,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Graphic style - from victorian to hipster (4e édition)
    This visual survey of graphic design styles through the ages is an essential resource for designers, art and design students, and art lovers. With more than 700 illustrations, it is the only wide-ranging history of graphic design to be completely visual, and many readers treasure it for its amazing trove of images. This new edition has been brought up to date with a new section that encompasses trends from the last decade. Graphic Style, said Studio magazine of the first edition, «should be on the shelf of every serious designer/illustrator.» This fourth edition is still indispensable.
    30,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Vegan the cookbook
    Vegan: The Cookbook is the definitive and most comprehensive cookbook of traditional and authentic home cooking vegan dishes from around the world. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply wanting to eat less meat, here are more than 450 recipes from more than 150 countries, all of which were visited by the author. These plant-based recipes are for starters, mains, and desserts and made with readily-available ingredients that are naturally delicious - for everyone at the table. Phaidon's internationally successful and beloved culinary bible series now moves into a single-subject volume for the first time.- Jean-Christian Jury is a vegan and raw-food chef from Toulouse, France. In 2008, he opened La Mano Verde in Berlin, Germany, his first vegan restaurant, and received praise from Saveur and Rodale's Organic Life, and many international publications.He now lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is developing La Mano Verde.Key Selling Points - The most comprehensive guide to the world's vegan cuisines - dip into this lavish collection to expand your recipe repertoire, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking to eat less meat - Over 450 tasty vegan recipes - each tested for accuracy and simplicity for the home cook - from more than 150 countries, all of which were visited when researching this book - The author is a chef with nearly two decades of experience of travelling and cooking vegan cuisine and enjoys a host of celebrity devotees - Phaidon's successful regional bible category - a proven success model - now moves into a single-subject volume for the first time - The plant-based diet continues to see increased interest and is growing rapidly in popularity
    45,00 €
  • Fournisseur Cultura Wheel of time - calendar design
    The book centres on the subject of calendar design, choosing more than 160 distinguished works all over the world. With detailed and comprehensive classification, this creative and practical book will present the most innovative design works to the readers. Its innovativeness lies in the font selection, layout design, the application of different materials, various patterns' selection, etc.In the process of editing, a number of strict requirements have been made, so here, each work has innovative design, clever idea, professional photography, comprehensive project information and so on. The book has been categorised into five sections, including weekly calendar design, monthly calendar design, desk calendar design, single-page calendar design and wall calendar design.
    26,00 €