Achat GN-009RN Unique Design Wireless Remote Controller & Nunchuck Controller with Silicon Case and Wrist Strap for Nintendo Wii & Wii U & Mini Wii – Dark Blue avis

  • ETC-SHOP Applique d'extérieur REMOTE CONTROL lanterne de jardin en acier inoxydable
    Luminaire Eclairage d'extérieur Applique extérieure ETC-SHOP, la description Applique au design moderne à fixer sur le mur extérieur. Cet éclairage extérieur moderne est unique sur votre façade et lui donne un petit quelque chose. De plus, cette lampe illumine de manière optimale votre zone
    61,99 €
  • Etc-shop - Plafonnier en cristal GOLD Salon REMOTE CONTROL Lampe dimmable en
    Luminaire Eclairage d'intérieur Plafonnier d'intérieur Plafonnier à spot ETC-SHOP, description Ce plafonnier unique de la série AMY (Ø30 cm) marque par son design. D'une part, il semble plutôt ludique en raison des cristaux d'acyle suspendus et transparents, d'autre part, son côté élégant
    70,73 €
  • One Control Prussian Blue Reverb
    One Control Prussian Blue Reverb, reverb effects pedal, extremely high dynamic range guarantees high-end natural sound, unique design combines the strengths of spring, hall and room reverbs, adjustable decay time from 2 ms to 2 s, analog dry path, harmonizes with electric and acoustic guitars and basses,
    138,00 €
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Mix 3
    Joranalogue Audio Design Mix 3, Eurorack Module, Voltage controlled 3 + 1 audio mixer, 3 Inputs with volume control and signal LED, CV inputs for inputs A-C and mix output, Fourth channel D is mixed 1:1 into the output, Output switchable via jumper from Eurorack to line level, Power requirements: +30 mA (+12
    147,00 €

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GN-009RN Unique Design Wireless Remote Controller & Nunchuck Controller with Silicon Case and Wrist Strap for Nintendo Wii & Wii U & Mini Wii - Dark Blue

1.Multiplayer game: The wii can connect 4 wii remote that some games have multiplayer. If you want play with your friend you can buy 4 wii remote and Nunchuk controller.
2.Perfectly connect with Wii: The Wii remote connects to Wii perfectly. High quality Bluetooth which can connect to Wii up to approx 10 metres
3.Nunchuk controller: The Nunchuk controller can connect with the wii remote. Some game need Nunchuk controller to move your character.
4. Accessible to people of all ages and all abilities. Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). Brand new with highest quality, 100% extremely strict test for all our products before sold, bringing you with a relaxed game time
5. Package included: 1 x Wii Remote + 1 x Wii Nunchuck + 1x Silicone case + 1 x Wrist Strap +1x Operating Manual, with Reliable lifetime warranty and free spare parts.

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